A fresh approach to rotational moulding...

Machinary and Equipment Services


We have been involved the design and development of many different rotomoulding machines we can help design or specify a machine best suited to your production requirements without being tied to any one manufacturer

Control systems and Temperature monitoring

Having developed control systems for the Rrotomoulding industry over many years we can help specify exactly how your machine should be controlled to produce high quality products with minimum roves time and energy use.
We we're one of the pioneers of using internal temperature to control the moulding process ensuring good quality in every moulding we are now agents for Templogger (www.rotosolutions.co.za/ )probably the best value temperature moinitoring  system available to rotational moulders.

Finishing and Quality control equipment

We can advise on the best finishing techniques and equipment available for rotationally moulded parts.
With experience across many different parts we can advise on the best way to monitor part quality from testing powder to impact testing and thickness measurement We are agents for the Sorcerer thickness tester which uses magnetic field rather than ultrasonics so is not affected by multilayered parts or varying densities
Factory layout and turnkey rotomoulding plants

Having carried out detailed analysis on moulding factories we are well placed to offer advice on factory layouts for maximum productivity and minimum product paths from raw material to despatch Bringing all our knowledge and experience together we can advise on complete manufacturing units from equipment to layout and manning for an efficient plant tailored to your needs

Key Resources

  • Over 30 years experience in rotomoulding
  • Global reputation for innovation
  • Specialists in product development, machine design and control systems
  • Experience in many market sectors
  • Expertise in conventional ovens along with developing technologies