A fresh approach to rotational moulding...

Product Services


We have many years’ experience of working with in house designers or design agencies to design ground breaking rotationally moulded products, we can ensure all customer requirements are met whilst using the best Rotomoulding techniques to ensure a cost effective high quality product

We have over many years developed new techniques and pioneered new material uses within the industry to ensure our customers products are always taking advantage of all the best practices and materials available worldwide in rotational moulding

We co-operate with many leading toolmakers worldwide to ensure our customers get moulds in steel, cast aluminium and CNC aluminium, that fully meet their quality expectations whilst remaining cost effective for the intended market place Prototyping We can work with suppliers to produce prototypes from foam models, 3d printed models to rapid tool rotomouldings to the customers’ requirements We will then work with toolmakers and moulders to ensure that the delivered tooling meets specification and Produces the required product to specification
Quality Control

We can help write quality documents and help with their introduction that ensure customer expectation is met along with being practical and sustainable for the moulder

We have many years. Experience with choosing the correct material and processing conditions to give optimum product performance and appearance whilst ensuring minimum processing time, thus ensuring the best quality part at the most economic price
We can advise on the best techniques for minimising finishing and assembly time on rotationally moulded products, this is a process that needs to start at the design stage and carry right through to the delivery of the part to the end user

Many years’ experience enable us to advise on the best packaging to use on moulded products to minimise cost whilst still ensuring that the finished product arrives at the end user in pristine condition


A broad knowledge base within the Company gives me confidence that my production is in safe hands

Key Resources

  • Over 30 years experience in rotomoulding
  • Global reputation for innovation
  • Specialists in product development, machine design and control systems
  • Experience in many market sectors
  • Expertise in conventional ovens along with developing technologies